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Accelerate your
digital transformation

Take your content from flat to interactive
Teach Up is an intelligent methodology for rapid digital transformation. It empowers you to turn any flat content (Ppt, Word, PDF or other media) into tailored interactive modules and applications that are fully responsive.
Personalize at scale
to boost your projects
Teach Up is powered by an intelligent algorithm that enables everyone to take a different learning path, so people can learn only what they need to know and the way that works best for them. Not only can they save time but their engagement will be much higher!
Pedagogical intelligence
at the heart of technology
Our digital wizards and instructional designers
partner with you to rapidly produce web apps, eLearning modules and targeted assessment tools for your projects.
Become an
Organization 4.0
With Teach Up, granularize linear eLearning courses into modular content chunks to build interactive and enjoyable digital experiences that automatically adapt to each user in real time.

Thanks to advanced learner analytics you can easily measure what your employees and clients master in real time.

Teach Up is designed to increase the effectiveness of your digital transformation while keeping the costs low.

Thanks to our collaborative tools and intelligent algorithms each learning experience becomes unique and evolves over time.
Embrace personalizationMake data meaningfulGet the best value for moneyBring learning alive